Learn about our Affiliate program

Dirt Bike Safety Training (DBST) is proud to present our new Affiliate Referral Program. This program was developed to create an opportunity for you to be rewarded for your efforts in helping us make our training program a huge success.

Who needs training, you ask?

Anyone who rides a motorcycle can always use a refresher course to keep them safe both ON and OFF-Road. Whether you’re a veteran rider or just starting out for the first time as a new rider: our training and our Affiliate Referral Program is right for you!!!

Okay, who are you looking for?

We are looking for ON and Off-Road enthusiasts who are passionate, organized, and self-motivated, who are eager to learn as well as help promote our training program. Become a DBST affiliate by simply driving business to our motorcycle training course and save. As you may know, riding motorcycles is a very unique experience and can be very self-rewarding. It builds confidence, character, and relationships, while promoting good health for you, your friends and most importantly, your family. Let DBST become a part of your rewards.

How do the DBST Affiliate Referral Programs work?

  • Help organized 6 or more riders for training and receive 50% off rewards for your training class.

  • Help organized 12 or more riders for training and receive 1 FREE class with a value of up to $335.00. That right! You’ll receive 1 FREE training course that includes a class bike available to use for your class!!! (Bikes are limited. You MUST call ahead of time to make reservations)

  • There is NO LIMIT to how many classes you can help set up and best of all, the rewards for you efforts that you earn are TRANSFERABLE and SELLABLE!!! Please contact us for more details.

If you would like more information about DBST’s Affiliate Program please free feel to email us on our contact page or call 1-844-DIRT-FIRST

courtesy of the DBST, LLC Team