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Gary, Jason and Whitney were so professional on teaching us the bunch of Dirty Girls ADV! I had concern riding offroad again since I have crashed and fractured my ankle, but during their class and even after the class, I could feel my confidence back and wanted to try more challenge terrains. Indeed, their class offered and led my skill improved, and I am thankful to be able to take their class! I will be planning to take another advanced class next year for sure.

-Kumi / Snohomish

My son (12) and I attended the class on Sunday. The instruction and training was exactly what we needed to get on bikes on our own. Such a great curriculum! Whitney worked with us on some great drills and is such a great resource. We are excited to get on the bikes and hit the dirt soon! Practice, practice, practice! Thanks again, Jim 44/ Brandon 12

-JIm B. 44 / Snoqualmie

I attended a level 2 course. What a great learning experience! I am really glad I took this course. Jason is an excellent instructor and Ben was right there to help. Both were encouraging and good communicators. If you are considering getting training from this company--do it! You will learn a ton and you will hear "elbows up" a lot, especially if most of your riding was on street bikes. I am moving to more off road riding and this class was an excellent way to build some foundation.

-Jeff R. 60 / Issaquah Wa

I have been riding various street (Harley's, BMW GS, etc.) for the past 10 years, watching the dirt bikes and dual sport scene from the sidelines. I finally made a goal this year to do WABDR, picked up a new bike and started hitting local fire roads. I quickly found that my pavement skills didn't translate to dirt/gravel/rocks, and I was incredibly uncomfortable. Even had a couple incidences that could have ended up really poor. I decided it was time to put the ego aside and get some proper instruction when I found dirt bike safety training. Fast forward to today, and what I got was the best - and most personalized - instruction I've ever had. Jason and his team are amazing. I learned more in 6 hours than in the past 10 years of riding. I have no doubt this has put me 6 months ahead of where I'd be at learning on my own. The class has an excellent progression of skills, that all build off of the previous skill learned. Riding position on dirt is completely different, and I walked away from today much more confident on dirt than I had ever hoped. Can't wait to come back.

-Travis G. 37 / Snoqualmie, WA

Well, I had a difficult time with execution, but, not because of the instructions! Whitney and Jason are great teachers! I just need to practice practice practice! Very professional and patient! I learned so much and need to, like I said above, practice. Great class with a bunch of nice ladies and instructors! Glad I did it!

-Shirley O. 65 / Hood River OR

HOLY MOLY - This training was exactly what I needed - the hands-on trail riding was the best! Instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and really listen to what you are asking - not to mention giving advice when needed. After taking this class, I was able to apply and carry forward the "dirt concepts" onto my R1200 GS and conquer the first section of the WABDR with no problems! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ;)

-CINDY 47 / Port Angeles

Thank you Lisa and Jason. 

I learned a ton and have lot’s to work on. It was a worthwhile class and your teaching skills are great, especially the “Carlton Dance”.
Thank for a great weekend.

-Matthew W. /

Thanks to the guys from DirtFirst for bringing their amazing training to the Tourtech Rally. The course was perfectly balanced between verbal instruction and drills to instill great riding skills for us adventure riders on bigger bikes. When I went on my first major ride the next day, I could still hear Whitney and Jason's instructions and encouragement in my head for an awesome and safe ride. Check it out!

-Garth B. 53 / Vancouver, B.C.

I've been riding daily on the street for years, so I was honestly pretty surprised how much I learned, and how much I still need to learn, from the level 2 dirt class. There was a lot of great information packed into the day, all of which is focused on being a more proficient and safer rider. In between the drills there's time to practice on the trail and apply what you just learned. This class wore me out and left me exhausted, and was worth every penny! If you're on the fence, sign up and I'm confident you won't regret it.

-Keith T. 47 / Redmond, WA

Our 5 year old daughter Bryn took the beginner class with Jason. I can't thank him enough for his patience and excellent teaching skills. She's now hooked and has her own PW50 and can't wait to take another class. Troy

-Troy H. 49 / Edmonds

I too feel the greatest benefit besides guided practice riding was that Whitney Koeberle was able to communicate and make clear the rationale for certain movements and actions. Smart animals like to have reasoning to go with our training Whitney provided both!!

-Deanna V. 45 / Seattle, WA

The class was awesome! I come from a background of street bikes (Harley's and sport bikes) with a little off-road experience. How the class broke down the individual skills and then applied them during the trail rides was perfect for reinforcement. Whitney was a great instructor and I'm definitely signing up for more. Thank you DBST! -Krit

-Krit M. 41 / Lynnwood

Probably have 100K miles on BMW plus several K on other bikes. Proves that any on with some mechanical skills can ride mostly on pavement, in a straight line, and fast. Switch to dirt and the game changes. A little late in life maybe to learn off road but I chose well. Jason of DBST did a fine job of keeping me on track and my head AND body in the game. Great demeanor, patience and skills. Even picked up my bike on a trail ride when the vegetation pulled me off the track : >}. I learned a lot. especially to practice practice on a lighter bike before taking my R1200GS on single track. I intend to be back to glean more confidence and skills. Thanks Jason.

-Dave 71 / Puyallup WA

I took the Level I and II courses a month into learning to ride, and, a year later, I can say they were the best thing I did to improve my riding. The clear instruction combined with the controlled low traction environment reveal so much about the fundamentals of good riding (lean angle, body position, traction management, ...). Also, the dirt experience prepared me to turn down fire roads and rip on some fun light adventure rides. I took Level II again a year later as a refresher / skill assessment. Definitely worth coming back to the course more than once as so much is covered and the instructors will find ways to push you. Also, it's just plain fun. Friendly atmosphere. Small class sizes. A single track course with swoopy turns and just enough sticker bushes to keep your adrenaline up.

-Marc 33 / Seattle, WA

I was thrilled to learn about DBST after riding off road for 10 years without feeling I had a fundamental approach or technique. My 11 year old son and I took the Level 2 class with Jason, and we had a blast. The curriculum specifically addressed exactly what we both needed to smooth out our riding to improve endurance, speed and fun. It felt like every exercise unlocked another mystery, and we both can't wait for opportunities to practice these concepts and come back again.

-Ben A. 46 / Bellevue, WA

I've been riding street for about 10 years and my wife for about 4. We didn't pretend to know anything about riding in dirt before this class and we learned a great deal! Focus on fundamentals and body positioning made all the difference in feeling confident and capable on a dirtbike. What a perfect way to celebrate my birthday and walk away with some very valuable skills - I'll be back!  Thank you very much Jason!!!!

-Gabe A. 29 / Kent, WA

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