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Hey guys, quick shout out after the Desert 100 class. Over the top instruction and communication. Ran the the 50 mile event on Sunday after the class. As fatigue sets in, the technical points taught, became the things I could rely on in all conditions. Great class, great job.

-Roger Z. 60 / Desert 100

I attended the Dirt First course at the 2017 Touratech Rally using their bike. Unfortunately I didn't get to practice the techniques right away. I thought I may have wasted the course but I have recently done some dirt rides where the training kicked in and WOW. My Dirt riding with my 2015 F800GS has improved dramatically. It's like I have a whole new set of tools to draw on when riding. The enjoyment level has gone up twofold. Thank guys!

-Michael F. 65 / Joseph, Oregon

I'm normally a rider in the middle of the pack, not the fastest, but I can handle pretty much any type of single track. Went into the level 2 class expecting to learn a few tricks, maybe a new way of doing something, at the least I'd have a fun day on two wheels, but what could I really learn, right? Boy was I wrong, way wrong, well I still had a great day on my bike, but I couldn't believe how many things I was doing wrong. From the start it was obvious the instructors where excited to help, and fully vested in your learning and saftey. Every drill we ran was designed to build confidence, slowly adding things to make your riding base better. Can't wait to practice more and use what I've learned. I'll be taking the level 3 class later, can't wait to see what improvements that will bring!

-Cassidy S. 38 / Tulalip

Great learning experience! It was awesome having the trail rides, then doing a couple exercises and being able to immediately apply the skills on the trail. Very cool see how you improved through out the day. Patient instruction and willingness to take the extra time to ensure you understand and do it correctly. Super fun day on the dirt bikes!


Jason not only worked with my son thru out the night, but he also loaned us parts off his own bike ,so my son could continue racing in the main events. Jason did an evaluation on my son last night at arennacross , he saw in ten minutes things i have not picked up on in 10 years of watching my son ride and race. The improvemental was immediate , & my son's confidence was increasing with each lap. Jason really went above and beyond for us and I could see his passion for teaching and riding. We can't wait to get more instruction . Whitney is great as well, we just didn't get much time with him, do to being at the race track. I highly recommend booking as many classes as you can . It is well worth your investment. Thank you guys. We look forward to working together.

-Eric C. 38 / Monroe arenacross

I had a fantastic private class with Jason. Having barely ridden a motorcycle for many years, I was looking forward to the class but nervous, especially on a large 450 bike. However, even the most basic initial instruction from Jason was enough for me to feel comfortable and confident right away, setting me up to enjoy and learn from all of the training exercises. I think Jason might be one of the best teachers/instructors of anything that I have learned, setting a mood for enjoyment and being professional but approachable. As well as being encouraging and patient, his explanations were clear, he was happy to thoroughly answer questions with deep knowledge and skill, and his demonstrations were incredibly useful. More generally the bikes and riding gear were perfect, and the riding area was well suited to a relative novice. Very impressed, thank you for a great experience DBST!

-Ro 36 / Redmond WA

The class was awesome, but for me what changed my riding the most was Whitney's ability to make me UNDERSTAND the plank exercise (and stop thinking that it was there just to torture students!). Since then I have been able to use this particular way of counterbalancing in all challenging situations (like when it gets very rutty) and stay relaxed. 

-Dionne H. / Pacific Northwest

My 13-yr old daughter and a friend signed up for the 2-day camp in July. Jason is an amazing teacher, he is very knowledgeable and a great coach. My daughter said riding a dirt bike is much harder than she thought it would be but Jason made learning fun. He is direct in his approach without being intimidating and is very patient. I would highly recommend Jason and his school to anyone! Well worth the investment in time and money.

-Mike M. 55 / Bellevue

I have less than 200 miles on my first motorcycle and it was suggested that by a very experienced rider that I take Whitney's class at DBST. I spent most of the day with Whitney yesterday, and I can say that Whitney is an unusually gifted instructor. We executed a series of drills, which were reinforced by a series of trail rides, which significantly scaled up my riding. I walked away with far better skills than those with which I walked in. I also walked away with legs that felt like jello and that continue to burn today. I'm confident that whatever your level of riding experience the folks at DBST will be able to help you scale up. I look forward to returning with more questions after more real world experience and leveling up further. We're very fortunate here in the general Western Washington area to have this great training resource so close by. Gerry Z

-Gerry Z. 58 / Bellevue, WA

I have been riding various street (Harley's, BMW GS, etc.) for the past 10 years, watching the dirt bikes and dual sport scene from the sidelines. I finally made a goal this year to do WABDR, picked up a new bike and started hitting local fire roads. I quickly found that my pavement skills didn't translate to dirt/gravel/rocks, and I was incredibly uncomfortable. Even had a couple incidences that could have ended up really poor. I decided it was time to put the ego aside and get some proper instruction when I found dirt bike safety training. Fast forward to today, and what I got was the best - and most personalized - instruction I've ever had. Jason and his team are amazing. I learned more in 6 hours than in the past 10 years of riding. I have no doubt this has put me 6 months ahead of where I'd be at learning on my own. The class has an excellent progression of skills, that all build off of the previous skill learned. Riding position on dirt is completely different, and I walked away from today much more confident on dirt than I had ever hoped. Can't wait to come back.

-Travis G. 37 / Snoqualmie, WA

Attended level 2 class. It was my first experience on dirt and it was fantastic. Instructors were positive and encouraging the whole time. I was particularly impressed with Jason's ability to explain the exercises in a variety of different ways so that they made sense to all the riders there, not just what to do but why to do it that way. The school bikes are nice rides, too. Wholeheartedly recommend training here for anyone who wants to learn to ride off pavement safely, efficiently, and enjoyably.

-John C. 39 / Redmond, WA

I attended the 2022 Odessa 100 Clinic today. Amazing! I cannot express how impressed I was with Jason and his training. You can certainly tell that he loves what he does and he is great at it too. I hope to attend more training classes in the future. Feeling exhausted yet super excited with the new riding skills I learned today. I cannot thank you enough, Jason.

-Holly S. 53 / Odessa WA

Well, I had a difficult time with execution, but, not because of the instructions! Whitney and Jason are great teachers! I just need to practice practice practice! Very professional and patient! I learned so much and need to, like I said above, practice. Great class with a bunch of nice ladies and instructors! Glad I did it!

-Shirley O. 65 / Hood River OR

I attended the intermediate class on fathers day, with the company of my boyfriends dad! We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We learned so many new techniques, and especially as a new rider, learning the correct form of your body positioning was a huge help!! I learned so much about riding in general!
I would definitely take this class again, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is a brand new rider or even with 10 years of experience!

-Sonya S. 23 / Everett

A good class, I was able to learn new skills and use them immediately. Thanks for being at Rally in the Gorge 2015.

-Cliff R. / Hood River OR

I took a private lesson with their instructor, Jason, yesterday. I have never ridden a dirt bike before and am not the best version of myself in group class scenarios (I'm sort of shy person). Jason was so kind and generous with me during our lesson. He got me so much further along in terms of my skills and riding ability in a few hours than I thought would be possible, while also being patient and flexible with his teaching method. There's no question I was humbled by some of my own limitations, but Jason identified them and made it a point to not skip over them but help me focus to get better at them. By the end of the class, I even got to ride on a trail beyond him, which seemed far beyond my reach when I first got there. Highly recommend! Can't wait to go back!

-Tyler J. 33 / Snohomish, WA

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